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According to Consumer Reports, "eating like a Greek" does wonders for your health!

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As you enter Homer's Restaurant, you see friendly faces and cheerful people. One of them, the owner, George Katsabanis, tells you about his restaurant and what made him invest so much time in it, the food and the people. To be frank, he loves both, otherwise he would not be in this business. So many people come by, friends and lovers of good food alike, each bringing his own air to the hall.

Food, as George would say, is one of the most important things in life. Your nutrition is not something trivial, but something that determines your health and longevity or lack thereof. Most 'health' diets out there are plain, lacking taste and presentation, sometimes even missing essential nutrients. Homer's Restaurant skillfully achieves all three goals, taste, health and glorious presentation. A combination of Greek traditional cuisine with modern touches would characterize most of the dishes. Offering the healthy Mediterranean diet that has evolved through years of tradition, refined and balanced in modern cuisine. The products used in the creation of Homer's excellent food come from genuine sources. Those include local connections with northern fishermen and hunters, but also connections with producers in Greece.

Join Homer's Restaurant, for the atmosphere and the food. If you cannot, however, we will bring the food to your door, but not the atmosphere. Check the catering section of our website, and once you make up your mind, please use 788-4858 to order. Also, it is good to inquire before deciding to join us, especially for special occassions.








Cooking with our own olive oil, imported from our estate in Greece is a reality, enjoy extra flavor in a lot of our dishes.

We have fresh Arctic char in stock. Order some of this healthy specialty before it runs out.

Don't forget to ask for our fresh home-made yogurt with concord grapes seed topping from our own vines.


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Our hours are:


Monday to Thursday

11:30AM to 10PM

Friday to Saturday

11:30AM to 11PM


Closed (Open for catering & private parties only)


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